Many Toronto apartments have a good reputation. How is that going to help you in your search for an apartment? The fact is, when you want to live somewhere you have to make sure it’s a good place for you and your family if you have one with you.

Who owns the apartments and what you can learn about them? Usually places that are large with a lot of people living in them are ran by a property management company. A landlord will own the place but will give the job of taking care of everything to a company that they pay. Look up the name of the property management service if you want to learn more about them and what people think of them. It’s easy to find reviews for all of their properties and their business in general to see if they should be avoided.

There are quite a few problems that come from a landlord not caring about their properties. Sometimes, there are buildings they put more into than others that they own, and you’ll find out which are taken care of the best when taking a tour of their properties. Prior to renting a place, ask if you can walk through the apartment and go to see the amenities like laundry rooms or the gym. If you notice that many parts of the building have problems, you may want to rethink working with that complex so you don’t end up in a place where nothing works right.

Who do you turn to if there are problems going on? There should be some kind of emergency maintenance number because if there isn’t you may find out later during an emergency that you have to wait while your belongings get damaged. You can’t really access things like the water shut-off valve in most apartments, and if there were a flood you may not be able to get a plumber out to help if it’s in your lease that the people in the office have to approve it. If they don’t have someone doing maintenance on site, you may want to at least look into renters insurance to protect your things.

A lot of the people out there that offer apartments are not going to tell you the full truth about them. Consider following these tips prior to dealing with any kind of rental situation. Never sign anything until you know that this is the right place to live that has minimal or no issues that you know of.

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