I am an advocate of planting trees. I may not be a part of any organization nor do I advocate tree-planting in public, but still, I do my part in my own little way.

Nowadays, it seems impossible to plant and grow trees in communities like ours due to the changing infrastructure, road plans and widening, as well as the lack of lawns in residential areas.

It saddens me.

I remember those days in the early 80’s were residential lots have extra space for fruit-bearing trees that children can climb and play, and harvest fruits using their bare hands or nets attached on bamboo poles. Those were the wonderful days when I was growing up – when Philippine gardening – trees and plants of all shapes and sizes – is still a part of family life.

Before our old house was wrecked, we had a huge star apple or kaimito tree in our front yard. We had lots of plants around, and I think we also had a guava tree at the back.

Reminiscing about trees made me think of planting them. But we do not have enough space anywhere within our residential lot.

Our tiny backyard garden can only accommodate a container garden with small- to medium-sized plants; some of which are in hanging PET bottles to minimize clutter.

Nevertheless, I do my best (no matter how weird it appears to my mom) to grow seedlings. I’ve successfully grown avocado and mango seedlings months ago and gave them away to my uncle and aunt who owns vacant/large plots of land somewhere here in our town. I am now on my second batch of avocado and a new batch of duhat ( Java plum) seedlings steadily growing.

avocado seedlings

duhat seedlings and spring onion in water

Somehow, my mom got a kick out of my seedling-growing assignment. She already talked to a long-time suki (her favorite and constant meat-seller) at the town market who owns vacant plots up North. Mom told her about the seedlings I’ve been growing and she liked the idea.

We just have to wait a little longer – probably another month or two – until the seedlings are fully established before we give them away – it’s the only way we can plant and grow them.

I want to continue doing this despite our lack of land. We can always donate the seedlings to other families who are more than willing to cultivate them. I also hope that someday I’ll be able to plant seedlings on my own plot and see them grow.

I hope you also like tree-planting and may this post inspire you to do something even in your own little way.

Let’s plant more trees for the future.

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