The reality is that Toronto Search Engine Optimization can appear pretty mundane for many.  Everyone with a website knows that link building is necessary to help rankings, but the thought of spending hours submitting to directory after directory is enough to drive anyone insane!  Of course you can try to help your Toronto SEO efforts by hiring someone to do the submissions for you, but it is debatable on whether or not your money is really being well spent going this route.

Webmasters have begun utilizing automated tools to rid themselves of some of the tedious work involved in helping to build links for a website.  Yes, it does save time and builds quality links, but is the money you’ll have to spend really worth it – this is a question many want to know the answer to.  Below are the most popular SEO services that those specializing in Toronto SEO and webmasters alike are using:

3 Way Links
Those specializing in Toronto Search Engine Optimization call this the “set and forget it” system.  For $47 per month you can add up to 50 websites and have 300 links built to each.  The catch is that you will also be agreeing to let it link 300 other sites to you as well, this makes it not advisable to use this service for your main site according to Toronto SEO experts.  If, however you are building an AdSense site, review site, feeder site, or squeeze page as your main site, 3 Way Links can be of tremendous benefit to you.  You can build your Page Rank without doing much more than paying the monthly fee.

Link Vana
With Toronto Search Engine Optimization you are looking to dominate the search engines, and building links is a good way to do this, which is what Link Vana helps its customers do.  The company boasts of having a huge network of blogs across hundreds of IP’s.  Every blog has a PR of 2-5 and allows unlimited posting on its network.

The articles posted need to be at least 150 words and one link can be included.  This means that the content requirements are a bit hefty but the work can be outsourced and is seen as more effective than simple article submissions would be.  Link Vana has been proven as a way to get higher rankings, but the price of $147 per month is more than many are willing to pay.  1WayLinks from Jonathan Leger is a cheaper alternative, but it may not be as effective.

Brute Force SEO
This is software that has a reputation for working well at creating a completely interlinked network for web 2.0 sites.  It builds link wheels and does submissions in addition to providing a website with hundreds of inbound links with just a few button clicks.  Many Toronto SEO experts have seen this software being used as a replacement to virtual assistants.

The tool is somewhat controversial because many in Toronto Search Engine Optimization are well aware that Google wouldn’t be too happy about their rankings being manipulated.

The software currently costs $157 and is another viable option for adding another dimension to your link building work, if you are willing to pay the price.

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